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My Story


Welcome to my little campfire deep within the wilderness of the web.

I live with my family on the Eastern slopes of Wombat Mountain in the Strathbogie ranges.  I make maps and other art in order to make sense of the world, and to me, sense is the liminal... the unseen and magical. The making of a map is an attempt to allow the "creatureliness'  of the country to show itself. Thus a map becomes an invitation to follow the deepening paths back home. 


Sometimes I write things and tell stories too. Please see the 'Words' page for examples. I offer commissions and this entails spending time on your country, walking, listening and observing, colours, sounds and shapes. For details see the 'Commission's' page. Some of my maps and art are one offs, but some I make into limited edition prints for details see the gallery

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